The Best Social Media Platforms for Contractors

21 Jul , 2017  

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Today we will talk about the top social media networks for contractors and why they are such a big part of any business conducted online. The first thing that you must have is a good website where your customers can both interact and see information about information about your business. once you have this in place then you should have made an account on some of the top social media platforms that businesses use.

The first one we will mention is, of course, Facebook, this platform makes it easy to create a page you manage and to make it visible for many people considering that most people have Facebook. This is a great way to get much more information to people opposed to just having a website.

The next one we will talk about is Twitter, this platform is a great way to reach many people as well. Another thing that Twitter brings to the game that other social media platforms do not is the use of hashtags. This allows many people to view your information even if they do not follow you.

The next very important social media platform that contractors can highly benefit from is Pinterest.
The last one we will mention is called LinkedIn, this is a great tool for all business due to the way it is structured. This is the only social media platform that allows you to add as much information as you can about your business in search or potential employees and employers. This platform is highly based for those conducting business type networking which makes it perfect for a contractor.

In conclusion, the use of social media is a great idea for any contractor trying to gain more attention from the public. This can help them gain labor as well as potential jobs. By getting your name and the services you offer out in the world using these social media platforms you will be able to expect more engagement. To learn more about these social media platforms we talked about you can make a quick Google search of them and find out as much as you need to be successful in using them. Good luck with all contracting business and social media ventures you may be involved with.


Best YouTube Channels By Builders

17 May , 2017  


If you’re looking to make DIY improvements to your home, these are the YouTube channels to watch:


If you’re looking for clear, how-to style recordings on almost any theme identified with home improvement, investigate the House Improvements channel. The HouseImprovements.com channel covers everything from how to outline a divider to how to utilize a tile saw. You’ll get master tips on the best way to handle each venture, and a sensible gander at what each piece of a project will involve. The recordings are separated into small segments, so each presenter will give you a decent take at one specific bit of the home remodel job.


Tim Carter has been the go-to guide for mortgage holders for quite some time now. On his YouTube channel, he gives home improvement advise, noting inquiries from his blog AsktheBuilder.com in lively, neighborly, and quick paced recordings. He covers points, for example, on how to spare your tile after you’ve given grout a chance to dry on it. He’ll likewise clarify diverse materials and methods, so you can settle on a more educated choice for your DIY projects.


Another manufacturer who has a long notoriety of noting inquiries and giving guidance, Ron Hazleton’s channel manages how-to style recordings identified with all parts of home redesigns. He has a benevolent, simple to understand way of speaking, and regularly demonstrates a few unique strategies for handling various DIY home projects. He also explains to home owners what may happen to their homes amid a rebuild, and how to keep their sanity during construction.


Check Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus, who offers more than 100 unique recordings on his YouTube channel identified with DIY and all parts of home rebuilding. These recordings are best for anybody searching for a review of different parts of a redesign, for example, home owners searching for a fast refresher before handling a venture themselves, or the individuals who need to get a general thought of what a remodel will look like on their home.


With almost 400 recordings, Build.com offers a pleasant blend of various home change plots for watchers. Incorporated into their channel are various diverse DIY and how-to style recordings. Build.com is a great channel for DIYers who are looking for projects and design ideas to spruce up their home or garden property. They offer life hacks and how-to videos on almost every aspect of the home building process.


Easy Fixes For That Clogged Toilet

9 Mar , 2017  


For a toilet to be unclogged without any damage to the plumbing system, and to prevent undue mess without any issues or unsuccessful attempts, is to contact a reputable licensed plumber. This is especially true if the clogging is caused by a situation related to a failure in the plumbing in some fashion, versus an actual clog caused by something being introduced that cannot physically pass through the toilet lines. However, because a clogged toilet presents an immediate situation if these clogs can be solved simply, homeowners should have the information so they may free the clog themselves.

The plunger is the all-time greatest toilet clog-freeing tool. Many clogs are simply the act of paper overload. Toilet paper is a fragile enough entrant into the toilet that the pressure created by the plunger is enough to free the clog by pushing the clog material on through the system. However, plumbers may utilize the plunger to pull things out as well as push them through. This action simply requires more knowledge to perform, but because it may be easier to pull things back in to the bowl from the source of the clog, it is sometimes more feasible than pushing the clog through.

Additionally, continuing to apply pressure to the clog with a plunger can further cement the clog making a call to a licensed plumber necessary, as will pipe failure that can also be caused by the pressurized toilet. Pipe failure and pressure can also cause a very unsanitary and bio-hazardous blow out because many people do not respect the amount of pressure that plunging a toilet can exert on the toilet itself, as well as the corresponding plumbing.

Another of the easiest ways to clear a toilet of a clog is to simply wait. Sometimes the paper causing the toilet simply needs to become saturated enough to pass through with only the flushing system of the toilet. If this simple technique does not work, a home or business owner can try sparingly to utilize a plunger, but if the clog does not clear itself after giving it some time before trying again, a plumber may be the best call before non-professional efforts make the situation progressively worse. Additionally, there are often surrounding issues that cause toilets to clog more often such as hard water deposits, hair clogs, and objects blocking the trap. These issues must be investigated by a licensed plumber.


Renovate Or Design Your Home With Helpful Design Magazines

11 Aug , 2016  

You’re looking at your house and you can’t avoid thinking of all the projects you have in mind. There are at least a handful of small jobs or possible improvements that you have been considering or procrastinating for some time. The best way to get a jump start on some home renovation or remodeling tasks is to grab a great magazine such as one of the five below. These home remodeling magazines are among the most popular with homeowners who like to see their own designs come to life, rather than always hiring interior designers to make the fun choices for them.

1. House Beautiful: Primarily covering interior design and garden design topics, this newsstand favorite is popular among DIY home remodelers. You’ll find a lot of classic ideas here that fit well with victorian and turn-of-the-century architecture. While some modern design elements are covered here, it will be primarily classic touches.
2. Better Homes and Gardens: This mag is best known for having action-oriented steps that homeowners can take to spruce up a drab interior design as well as suggestions for garden and kitchen projects. You’ll find projects such as “Build Your Own Gazebo” or “DIY Fall Paint Themes,” just to name a few.
3. Architectural Digest: This magazine is notorious for it’s high-end design inspiration and top-of-the-line brands. If you have a budget for the finer things in life and if you have a home with a moderate to large floorplan, this will be a great magazine for you.
4. Good Housekeeping: This is more of a lifestyle publication geared at mothers but it’s great if that sounds like you. It’s going to cover less hammer-swinging and more family-centered activities that not only make the home a warmer environment but also bring smiles to children and guests as well.
5. Martha Stewart Living: Everybody can easily identify Marth’s name, and with that comes an extremely popular magazine catering to design, decoration, and lifestyle. Martha is notorious for bringing interesting and creative solutions to her readers and fans through affordable, do-it-yourself projects.

Whether you’re just looking for some creative decoration ideas or planning on building a new wing onto your home — you’ll need a guide of some sort. These home remodeling magazines are a great start for getting ideas, material suggestions or even finding that centerpiece to an already charming interior setting. Whether your interest is in decoration, remodeling or simple and fun household ideas, one of these magazines is sure to get the job done for you.