The 7 Most Important Tools For Utility Contractors

14 Sep , 2015  

If you are a utility contractor of any kind, you should know that having certain tools is absolutely essential in doing a good job, no matter what type you may be doing. This is especially important when planning and performing all the work yourself; plan ahead and have a complete basic tool set with you on the job site.

The seven most important tools or specific type of equipment a utility contractor should have on hand are as follows: a tool belt (preferably with suspenders), a steel measuring tape, a powder actuated nail gun set, step ladders, sanders, push andsweep brooms, and a socket wrench set.

First and foremost, a proper tool belt is essential for completing the various needs of labor on jobsites. A good example can be found on and is called the DEWALT Electrician tool belt. It has many pockets, for all of your various tools, and is made with high quality padding around the waist, along with a roller style buckle and two clips, to remain comfortable all day long while wearing. It’s also important to invest in the suspenders to help distribute weight evenly and prevent any injuries. A steel measuring tape is going to be something you want on any job site with you, and can be carried with you in your tool belt. More reasons explaining this can be found on this site:

Something else you are going to make sure you have accessible with you is something called a powder actuated nail gun set Powder actuated tools are very important and both a powerful and efficient way in attaching wood to concrete, concrete blocks, and so on. A set of various socket wrenches, is something you will always want with you on the job weather doing either commercial or industrial jobs to make sure you’re not ever stuck with a bolt you can’t turn.

Step ladders of various sizes are needed, mainly because much of the work given to an electrician is found above both floor and ground levels. They are also named essential on this site listing the main and basic tools a utility contractor will want. Obviously, the sturdier the better is important to keep in mind when finding the proper ladders that will work for you.

Both new and old utility contractors will want both push and sweep brooms with them on jobsites so that cleanup is both quick and simple. Finally, various types of sanders are a very important tool to have with you to speed up the process to any type of labor on the job you are facing. More information on the importance of various types of portable sanders can be found on this website:

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